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Techstain Technologies is an early stage start-up floated by IITB alumni which is completely focused on sustainability based application of technologies. The company is committed to develop and disseminate cutting edge sustainable technologies by collaborating with academia, governments and NGOs.

Science and Engineering for Sustainable Development

Sustainability has emerged as the key imperative for economic development. Doing well while conserving the planet for future generations is the core of sustainability.
Doing well in economic activity (profit) is the starting point for developing capability of being able to doing good to the planet and people. Being greedy about profit, ignoring planet and people is not sustainable.
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It is prudent to explore sustainability-based approach that will provide long lasting solutions. Circular Economy is one such approach that can balance growth with sustainability.

Taking inspiration from nature, where the waste of one organism is a valuable resource for another, the concept of circular economy promotes conservation of energy and materials throughout the entire economy.

Join our Symposium

“Circular Economy for Plastics” - a one day Symposium at IIT Bombay

December 8 2018

​Today's take, make and dispose economy is testing the physical limits of our planet’s abilities to sustain life. This is especially true for the most ubiquitous material in our economy: PLASTIC.

This symposium on “Circular Economy for Plastics” gives participants the opportunity to see, hear and meet technology experts, as well as researchers and industry professionals. This symposium is being jointly conducted by The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B), the Ohio State University (OSU), and Techstain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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S ustainability of Earth through Circular Economy

  • To create awareness and necessary linkages for bringing sustainability and resiliency studies from periphery to centre of all engineering R&D initiatives.
  • To provide a platform for sustainable thinkers from corporate, academia, Government and NGOs for framing relevant and implementable policies for a clean environment.
  • To evolve sustainability governance framework at the global level with special attention to the emerging economies like India.
  • To identify key research projects those need to be incubated.
  • To build and maintain linkages between academic research, immediate industry needs, corporate governance tools and governmental planning to support such initiatives.
Details of the Symposium
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